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It’s a mab, mab, mab, mab world…

November 28, 2010

Welcome to my world!   

I have decided that, perhaps, Facebook is not the place to vent and discuss every opinion on things like navel lint and Iraq. At least, not if you want to actually maintain those friendships you have rekindled after 30 years…

This is where I get to vent, hopefully, in a rational manner.  You can, too.  But, there are some boundaries.

1) No one gets to be called a “Nazi,” a “socialist,” or a “communist,” unless they really were one and it is relevant to an historical event we are discussing. So, no matter how tempting, Rush Limbaugh isn’t a nazi and President Obama is not a socialist.

2) Profanity is boring, shows a definite lack of imagination, and it insinuates a weak argument.  It also ticks me off because I have family members who may read this.  And, sadly, because I am the ruler of this non-democratic dominion, I get to decide what “profanity” means.

3) Please feel free to disagree with me, but I would like to see a why and how explained, with some facts or rationale to back it up.  That makes it possible for a real “discussion” to take place, instead of a simple argument.

4) I welcome all recipes, as long as they result in really good food! (Bonus points for crockpot recipes.)



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  1. Dawn permalink

    You go girl! I’ll be watching…..

    • Thanks, Dawn. I’ll be watching, too! Wonder what I’m gonna say…

  2. Anne permalink

    Can’t wait. Although I am now discovering that I am not left or right. I am a typical Episcopalian who sits on the fence. Looking for good recipes for you!

  3. Dawn permalink

    Just wanted you to know I do check your MAB site from time to time, just in case there is some new wit and wisdom to digest : >

    • Oh, and I have a couple of articles in the pipeline right now. Just need to get a few hours of clear brain to get them finished and posted! But, thanks for the prodding. ; )

  4. I see your point about Facebook being problematic when one actually needs to say anything with any meaning or content and not alienate people. Generally I have been thinking pooh on them if they want to stay in the intellectual and moral level of preschoolers, but I guess that’s kinda petty of me. But doesn’t a blog take up, like, huuuuuge amounts of your time? I already have half a dozen creative endeavors that I am neglecting. Why add a blog? It seems like a good idea, but … anyway, ??

    • Good point. And, to be fair to my friends on FB, they are a very thoughtful, intelligent group. And, yes, a blog takes up some time. On the other hand, FB posts get lost in the newsfeed very quickly. You post an announcement/thought at noon, it’s lost on the feed by 12:30 and many friends miss out on the discussion. And then there’s the whole thing where you get distracted very easily on FB. You try to read an article, but new messages/alerts keep coming in. A blog is just a quieter place. It does take some time to make people aware of a blog’s existence, but I think it’s worth the experiment. IMHO, of course. And it only took me about 30 minutes to set up the blog. It’s the writing that takes time, but that would be true if I were posting the same sentiments on FB.

    • Oh! And I forgot to mention the whole privacy issue. My pages on FB are pretty private, and I like to keep them that way. I can share my thoughts and discuss ideas with more people on a blog. And I can keep my private friendship discussions private.

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