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About: The Fundamentalist History…

February 27, 2012

Since this post is getting more attention than the norm on my blog, I want to make something very clear.  I am not angry. I am tired. I personally experienced some of the history here. I’m tired of it being misrepresented.  My only motive in writing this was to hope that people would investigate this on their own. Don’t accept every word you hear on television, or from politicians, or from other leaders. Don’t blindly accept what I write here.  There are many historical sources out there for you to follow. I chose a few (sometimes the ones that were easiest to google…because there is a lot of phlegm out there on these topics). Take quotes from the text and google them. See what others have to offer in commentary. Then decide.

And that’s it.

  1. I will also say that I had some amazing Baptist role models growing up. Men and women who were at the forefront of the fight for desegregation and Civil Rights in Virginia. They were there when the “takeover” of the SBC occurred. And they led the way in helping support the CBF. Many have passed away. And I feel their lessons now. Which is why I write.

  2. Keep writing. My spiritual journey the past fifteen years has prompted me to think outside the religious box of denomination, I grew up in a church that demanded control, and unquestioned devotion to church leadership. Even though I spent time as an SBC (which was exactly where I think God wanted me at the time), I learned that my faith is my own, too unique to be dictated by narrow rules, struggles for power and political aspirations.

    It is people like you that are helping to continue to learn, to consider to research, and to feel free to walk down the path I know God has set me upon.

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